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Truly conveying the magic of a hotel or destination is about much more than pretty pictures set to aspirational, uplifting music.

After two minutes of sound and colour and theatre, what have customers really learned about your destination? Probably not much more than they already knew from a glance at your image gallery and your website's sales pitch.

Sure, video sells, but emotive storytelling packs an inifinitely more potent punch..

As awarded journalists and cinematographers with global prime-time TV experience spanning decades, it’s our job to cut through the spin.


We unearth the aspects of your brand that identify you, and more importantly, set you apart: the doorman who's been there for generations; the guide whose skills on the land provide a portal to a forgotten era; the tireless chef who visits the markets at 5am, hand selecting ingredients for guests.

Want to be carved out from the crowd? Let Fabled discover and share your story.

We have assembled a global team of awarded journalists, presenters, producers and cinematographers with prime time TV experience spanning decades.

We have an award-winning team of cinematographers based in Sydney, LA, New York, Hong Kong, and London. Ready to jump at a moment's notice.


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